Connecting a I2C device to endNode

I believe the endNode may not be seeing the I2C device I have connected to it as it shows no details when scanning the I2C bus (see photo port 2). Am I correct? If so, what do I need to do have AlphaStation show me the device details?

Please download the latest version of Alpha Station at
Click on the new option in the list that says “I2C Quick Scanner”, this will list all devices.
The ProXR Linker focuses the list on compatible controllers for ProXR Enterprise Relay control functions, and may not show all devices on the I2C port.
Hope this helps.

Also, keep in mind, I2C devices are not capable of showing any details, only I2C start addresses. The description shown is for specifically mapping a ProXR driver, so our controller can only keep track of details for the purposes of relay control (as needed for the ProXR driver).