Connecting 8 channel dimmer via I2C to a third party SBC

I am looking at trying to connect the 8 channel dimmer (SKU: PR21-13) via I2C to a third party SBC. The SBC provides access to its I2C bus via four non-contiguous pins on a standard 16-pin 0.1"- pitch header.

How do I physically connect dimmer to the SBC header? The product page says I need a ‘nodeLynk Master Adapter’. Is one available, or can I connect the dimmer cable’s four conductors directly to my SBC’s I2C pins?



The board has 4 connections.
SCL, SDA, GND and 5V . connect these to the SBC SCL, SDA, GND and 5V. The PR21-13 I2C is 5V so if the SBC I2C is 3.3V than you will need a level shifter.

If the SBC I2C is 5V tolerant than it can be directly connected to PR21-13.


Thanks for the rapid reply. The SBC I2C is 5V, so it sounds like a simple connection.

Good news all the way around. Thanks again.