Configuring Unique Keyfobs with KFX


I am using 2 KeyFobs with 2 KFX boards. My idea is to have each key fob control one KFX device and not both. I did the learning for both keyfobs, but the keyfobs are getting detected by both of the KFX devices. I assume that this is due to the fact that the address of the Keyfobs are not unique. So i opened the keyfob and tried opening the address lines(A0 to A9) to see if I can make those unique. But the result is still the same. Am I missing something here or is there no possibility that the KFX can distinguish between two keyfobs based on the address line configuration.

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The keyfob needs to be relearned after the address change.


If you hold down the learn button on the KFX module it will forget all learned key fobs. Then you can learn the preferred key fob for each board.