Configure IoT Long Range Wireless Thermocouple with particle photon.

Is there a way to work the particle photon with the IoT Long Range Wireless Thermocouple can you configure and work hand in hand?


Yes, it is certainly possible, however we have not written any sample code for that. You can take a look at the user guide for the IoT Long Range Wireless Thrermocouple and wit will give you a break down of the transmission packets.

Hardware wise you would need a Photon, an XBO, and a 900HP wireless module here:
900 HP Module

You’ll also need some sort of a “mother board” to plug all of this into. The screw terminal breakout for Photon here is a popular choice:

With this hardware you will be able to monitor incoming sensor transmissions on the Serial1 connection on the Photon, parse them, then do what you wish with them.