Condition based motor monitoring

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  1. In India and China i have seen users using 900 Mhz and 868 Mhz both.
  2. Yes, the sensor you picked will work for you application.
  3. Yes, we do ship to india. Lead time is 7-10 days.


Thanks for the info. One more doubt regarding this
I saw that only 8 NCD sensors will able to communicate with NCD gateway. Is it possible to connect more sensors by changing time? If so, what will be the maximum no. of sensors communicate to this gateway? (Ignoring distance)

Sensors and gateway model selected:
same as above

if the each sensor is sending data after 10 min than a max 128 sensor per gateway can be used.

sensor data transmission interval is set by user. so for best performance set delays like 600 sec for sensor one, 610 for sensor two and so on.

ps. can you share where you read 8 sensors so that we can correct it.