Components required - Australia

I was kindly directed to NCD by Leonardo from Logicbus.

Love the range of IOT sensor products available here and see a use for many devices within my business, however i need some technical help - i think it best to describe my use case 1 in the hopes that someone here can help lead me in the right direction.

I set up pressure zones in new build hospitals, data centres and other projects. I plan to temporary place pressure differential sensors during my testing so i can see live pressure data across multiple zones while i’m making changes to a control system. My understanding, that i require the below devices to build this system:

  • IoT Long Range Wireless precision pressure diff sensor (multiple devices - suitable for use in Australia)
  • NCD industrial IoT Edge computer LTE (So i can easily transmit data to a device in the field - suitable for use in Australia)
  • RP-SMA male female antenna extension (to match my number of sensors - maximising signal range is important)
  • AWS, Azure or equivalent connectivity to display my data on any nominated viewing device

I’m hoping for advice on whether the hardware i’ve outline above is sufficient for my need or if i have missed something, also, who would be best placed to assist me with the set up of my data on the AWS/Azure platform

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Kind regards,


Hi Steve,

The hardware you have outlined should be perfect for your application.

However if you do not have experience building systems for AWS/Azure there can be a learning curve there. Alternatively I would recommend checking out They have a very easy to use dashboard system where you can view live sensor readings which sounds like what you are looking for. They also have great support. Other than that it sounds like you are on the right track. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott