Compatibility between PR55-34 and PR55-21_AWS

We are working on a project to connect multiple PR52-9 to a one PR55-21_AWS. It says its compatible with all NCD Wireless Sensors.

In some cases we need to receive data from RS485 (modbus) and send it to the same PR55-21_AWS but we just need to know if it is compatible and how is the data being interpretated in the AWS gateway.

The AWS Gateway is compatible with the PR52-9 4-20mA input boards.

The AWS Gateway is not compatible with our RS485 modems. However this may be possible. I will discuss this with another engineer to see. Can you give us more information about the RS485 data packets that would be output by the device?

currently the gateway does not have capabilities to send data from cloud to local machines. it only pushes local data to the aws cloud.

we will add this in the gateway so that it can support both ways. after that it will be possible to communicate to modbus devices using PR55-34 and AWS gateway.


Data would be transmitted by Modbus and the range of sensors include some brand like:
Schneider | PowerLogic ION8600
Square D | EME3-084
Fox | FT2

Does AWS Gateway have the posibility to read that protocol? if not, is there another gateway that could be configurable to read aftet discover the PR55-34 in the network and then send the data to AWS Gateway?

the AWS gateway and PR55-34 doesn’t care what kind of sensor they are talking ot you.

Almost all modbus devices work like this
Send a command from modbus master and the slave will respond with the appropriate response.

In this case the command will be send from AWS and the AWS gateway will send to PR55-34 and PR55-34 will pass on the modbus sensor. if the command is correct the sensor will respond either with error or sensor values. PR55-34 will collect this response and send it to AWS gateway and AWS gateway will push to AWS cloud.
In short the goal is to connect a local modbus sensor to AWS.