Compatability With SNMP?

I am using the Fusion 8-Channel SPDT Relay Controller, with the Gen 3 Ethernet module. I am curious if an old LabVIEW code I have can use SNMP to communicate with the board? I haven’t read of anyone using SNMP in the community yet so I thought I’d ask.


The Ethernet interface module available for the Fusion series relay controllers supports TCP or UDP sockets for communication with the board. It does not support SNMP.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

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Travis Elliott

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Thanks for the help Travis!

I am now looking into developing LabView software for TCP for communications with the board. What should the messages sent to the board include (i.e. ON/OFF commands), and is there documentation on this?

Chase M.

Do any of your Ethernet interface modules support SNMP or do have plans to support SNMP in the future?