Communication Extender

I am interested in extending the communication range beyond the 2M limit for I2C hardware. I would first like to know if anyone on this forum knows of any off-the-shelf hardware available? I have been working on some hardware to communicate at a 12V level more like the RS422 protocol. I know there are RS232 to RS422 converters available but I don’t think the I2C is a true RS232 comm format.

I am using a A1332 in an industrial environment and need to exceed the cable length limit. At the low voltage I believe stray signals could be induced into the line and make it unusable. Wireless would potentially have the same short-coming.

I’m hoping someone has had some experience that could lead me in the right direction.



You are in luck. We have a product specifically for that here:

If you have any questions on this please let us know.