Change USB Communications module with an RS232 Module

My use case has changed a bit since purchasing a USB connected board.
Is it possible to replace the USB communications module with an rs232 module for the PROXR boards?
I see that you can buy these separately but I honestly don’t see a way to swap them out.

Can a mod advise?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, you can swap the USB with RS232 adapter.

The communications module simply plugs into the board, unplug the USB module and plug in the RS-232 module and you are good to go. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the responses! Last question, as mentioned the USB version of the relay board is very sensitive to induced currents and as such ncd recommends using a capacitor attached to each relay to prevent these unwanted currents from being transmitted up to the device controlling the relay board.

Would using an rs232 module on the relay board with an rs232 to usb adapter connecting my controlling device and my relay board work to stop the transmission of those induced currents? Turns out I’m in fact stuck with USB as my interface to my controlling device and would prefer a solution with fewer parts.

If you are working with inductive loads, the capacitors will be required, regardless of which interface technology you choose. Without them, inductive spikes will eventually damage the controller. They appear as high voltage spikes at very low current, so they are not damaging at first. Over time, they will cause damage to various components. The capacitors will help reduce these spikes to more tolerable levels, but they are not easily eliminated. There have been updates to the USB communications module that can help reduce the interference. I would try the USB module and the caps first. If you experience malfunctions, then RS-232 can be used. You can even use a USB to RS-232 converter and communicate to the controller via RS-232. Again, this does not eliminate the problem, but we have seen this configuration eliminate the symptoms with a long service life. Typically, the caps are all that is needed for most people and the USB interface is a common choice as long as the caps are used. Hope this helps!

Thank you Ryan! Very helpful information.