Change reporting frequency without USB modem

Hello all,
I bought a temperature sensor and an IOT Edge computer that connects wirelessly for me to send data using Node Red. I need to change the reporting frequency on the temperature sensor, it sends an awful lot of data at once which I do not need. How do I change the frequency without LabView and a USB modem? Is it possible?

Thanks for your help!

please follow these steps
Follow these steps

  1. Double click in wireless sensor node
  2. Select auto config and set the delay value
  3. Save and deploy the flow
  4. Put wireless gateway in cfg mode by check the box on left side of it
  5. Put sensor in cfg mode( press release rst button and hold cfg button for 6-7 sec)
  6. In node red you will see sensor will go in cfg mode
  7. In the debug log you should see cfg settings true
  8. If you dont see settings true or devices doesnt get configured, repeat from step 4.