Can't control two daisy chained ZUXPSR32xPROXR


In a previous post, I received great advice for when controlling an expansion board via the XR out port of a controller board (found here: Using UXP: Commands to address secondary board that is daisy chained via UXP port?)

I attempted this approach, but my circumstance is a little bit different since I do not have an expansion board, but instead have 2 ZUXPSR32xPROXR boards.

I have them daisy chained viea the UXP Expansion port rather than the XR out port. When I attempt to address and control individual relays on the chained board, I am not getting a response while using either the ProXR Enhanced Relay Control Command Set or the COMM operator tool.

Does anyone know how to control a controller board from another controller board?

Otherwise I suppose I could address each board via it’s own independent com port in order to get the automation that I seek.


The ZUXP boards will not chain together in this way. You will need an XR Expansion series board to chain additional relays onto the same communication port. You can find a list of XR Expansion boards at:

With the devices you currently have you’ll need to address/open comms to them independently of each other.

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