Cannot detect IP address

I have a ‘Industrial Relay Controller 16-Channel SPDT + 8-Channel ADC’ with Ethernet Port. It can not be detected by NCD Base. I set it to factory default but still did not work. Any way I can troubleshoot with?


Could you post a photo of the board? We recently released a new Ethernet interface module and I want to make sure I know which module you have.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


If you performed a factory reset t the Ethernet module by powering it up with the clear jumper installed then it will no longer send out discovery packets which allow Base Station to discover it.

To recover you will need to connect it to a simple router that has DHCP enabled. Then open that router’s DHCP lease table and find the board in the list by it’s Mac address(printed on top of module). This will tell you the IP address of the module. Once you know the IP address of the board open the Base Station software and click the More button in the upper right corner. This will expand the window revealing additional buttons. Click the Lanx Ethernet setup button. In the window that appears enter the board’s IP address into the Current IP address field, then click the Configure Module button. This will restore the module back to NCD default settings.