Can "ESP8266 IoT Communication Module with Integrated USB" be used to allow computer control IoT devices?

I saw this ESP8266 IoT Communication Module with Integrated USB is a recommended adaptor for the IoT relay controllers.
I just wonder if this have any difference with the USB Interface Adapter for NCD IoT Devices Virtual COM Port FT230XS?

I want to plug the device to the computer and control it, would ESP8266 allow mounting it as a com port?

I’m actually not familiar with the hardwares, so hope I’m asking the right question.
Thank you!


The ESP8266 is an Arduino based microcontroller. If you just want to control the devices from a computer you should stick with the USB Interface Adapter. The ESP is actually meant for people who want to develop their own firmware that runs on the board, while the USB Interface Adapter gives you a USB connection that allows you to send I2C commands directly to the board. While we do have some code for either scenario, unless you need the relay board to have its own “brain” I would stick with the USB Adapter.

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The ESP8266 a lot of functionality, for instance MQTT. I use Tasmota firmware for relay control, rules, timing and a slew of component such as passive ir sensors.

It allows for a remote computer tie using wifi.


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Absolutely… I wasn’t trying to downplay its features, just wanted to clarify that if you’re looking for basic USB control, the ESP may be more than you need. That said, it can certainly be used in the same way with the appropriate firmware, though not out of the box. But if you wanted to go that route I would probably grab the ESP32 instead since it’s basically the newer model and adds more power and bluetooth to the package

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