Boards not working

Hello I have received a few ncd boards and 2 of them do not work.

I know the xbee module is working because they work on other ncd boards if i swap them.

How can i debug the boars is ok?

Thanks in advance.

Does it send “RUN” packet?
check power, antenna cable

On alpha station i don’t see anything, how can i see the run packet?

I did replace batteries and antenna.

Remove the radio module and measure power across pin 1 and 10.

3.2volts on each board

I will recommend sending these tow back for an RMA.


Hi, thanks for the help.

Is there any other way to test the board without having to ship them out?

Thanks in advance

if it is not sending the “RUN” message that indicates something is not right with mcu. we will need to take a look.