Bluetooth relays board informations


i’m interested in buying the BT relay board for an industrial application but i need some information before and i cannot find it in the product details.

We need to establish a SSP connection with the device, but to do it our native application needs the MAC Address of the BT module. Does all the boards have a unique Mac address?

The other information i need is that i see that the workflow of the communication is always from our existent app to the board, is it possibile to program the BT module to start a connection with another BT device? And it is possibile to change the friendly name and the pin of the device, and preferably to set it as not discoverable?

From the relay board page details i cannot find a guide to the commands to send to activate the relays, is just sending an seconded string?

Thanks for every one who can solve my doubts



Yes, all BT modules have a unique MAC address.

It is not possible for the device to initiate a connection, software must initiate the connection.
It is possible to change the friendly name of the device as well as the pairing pin, for that you need the Optional configuration kit which is really just this configuration board:

All commands for operating the relays are just byte arrays. They are documented in this guide:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott