Bluetooth Module with 4.X version (BLE) support

Any plan to integrated Bluetooth modules with 4.X version (BLE) support like
We have IoT projects that required the device to broadcast information (GAP broadcasting) without need to pair with a device.
Devices like Raspberry Pi Bluetooth module implement BLE 4.x

It may be a while until we support the specified module, we do have code support Bluz BLE, as it is fully compatible with the Photon firmware. This is a better direction for us as it offers the same code base as Photon. So in that sense, we do offer BLE, just not the Microchip module (at this time). Let us know if you have more questions.

Thank you Ryan! Yes Bluz support BLE as technology but it imposes to use Bluz cloud platforms, we are looking for BLE support to connect devices/sensors like Xbee, Zigbee, Lora to implement IoT edge intelligence and Bluz is not opened to do it.
Thanks again!

Hi Carlos, I was under the impression that the cloud is optional and one could deactivate it at any time in firmware. Is my understanding wrong?

That was also my impression, it is a fully programmable BLE module, programmable using the Arduino Wire language. I don’t think you are required to use the Particle cloud to connect to it. @Travis is our expert in BLE so hopefully he will chime in on the subject.

Hi @carlos1961,
No it is not absolutely required that you use the cloud services with the Bluz modules, you can do a direct connection to the module and use it just like any other Bluetooth module. It has been quite a while since I worked with it but I did put together a small demo video showing a smart phone app turning relays on and off using the Bluz module here:

An alternative option would be the Redbear Duo module. It supports Bluetooth and WiFi.

Nice one! What app did you use? Any pointers or source code available?

Hi @gusgonnet

Good to talk to you again. I custom made that app for iOS. To be 100% honest I did all of this about 2 years ago and nothing ever really came of it. We were considering making a line of bluetooth LE relay controllers and this was a test case which proved we could do it. The project got put on the back burner and was never completed. You can read my forum discussion with Eric over at Bluz here which I believe is still Bluz’s longest drawn out forum thread ever :slight_smile:

If you are really interested let me know and I will see if I can dig up the old code. It’s probably on my old computer as I do not see it in any of my git repos.

THANK YOU!!! I got it wrong, we will look at the valuable information you have provided.
Thanks again!

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No problem. Please let us know if you need anything else.

It’s good to see you again!
No need for code, I’d always dreamed I would find or write an Ionic app that connects directly to the BluzDK, just not yet.