Beaglebone Black reading data from 4-channel I2C-4-20-ma-current receiver to BeagleBone

I am using a BeagleBone black, and will be reading data from the https://store.ncd via I2C.

Are there any programming notes or sample C or Python code for:
*configuring the board
*reading data from the board
*data format for values retrieved from the interface board
*interpreting the bytes retrieved from the interface board


Hi Bruce,

There is a library in Python at

You’ll want to set the gain to 2 and the analog_range to [4, 20]

That library uses the SMBus library. I’m not sure that this library is compatible with the BeagleBone Black though. I don’t have a BeagleBone Black to test it on, but if not it should at least give you a good base to work with.

The library has some kwargs you pass in during object instantiation.

The library has some simple commands that get readings. These commands should return the raw analog values e.g. 6.25mA.

You then compare that reading to the datasheet for the sensor you’re connecting to it and you should be good.