Batch transmission

The Alpha Station is able to configure the delay of transmission. Can I configure batching of transmission so that one transmission can send mutliple sesnor readings. eg, Can I configure the sensor to take reading at 1 second interval but to transmit all the 1 minute data every minute?

Not an answer but… Ive been hoping for batch transmissions from the AWS Gateway as well. Being able to process the sensor data before storing in a database would be great! As well as being able to reduce costs associated with server requests and things. Was speaking with @Travis and he passed it along to the dev team. Unsure if its being adopted or not.

at this point sensor do not support batch transmission. the sensors are sleeping most of the time and are not actively taking readings while.
This will also needs a larger buffer to store 1 min data which is not available at this point of time. This is something which can be done at gateway level.


This is something the Gateways can currently do @Bhaskar or in theory? Is there some documentation for setting that up?

Hi James,

Currently the Gateway does not store sensor readings so it’s not possible to store multiple readings and then report them on a set time interval. I’m not saying it’s not possible but it’s not something we currently do.

Additionally these gateways use the MQTT protocol for reporting data. MQTT is meant to be a light weight protocol for devices that report or subscribe to small amounts of data. Reporting multiple sensor readings at one time would contradict the purpose of MQTT so it would also be sort of a violation of the MQTT protocol. I really prefer not to do this(report multiple sensor readings at once), but I try to keep an open mind so we will look into it further.

Awesome, no worries. Thanks for the clarification. When I read “This is something which can be done at gateway level.” I got a little exited haha.

Well he’s certainly not wrong. It can be done at the gateway, just not a capability the gateway currently has :slight_smile: