Base Station cannot connect to my RS-485 Node Serial Network Communications Module SN65HVD12D

I have been trying to use the RS-485 Node Serial Network Communications Module SN65HVD12D with Base Station but it is not able to connect. I just receive a pop-up message saying that “The controller did not respond to the baud rate you selected. Searching other baud rates…” Then after it had searched through all the possible baud rates, it was still unable to connect and therefore exited the Base Station program. I have verified the RS-485 Node controller has 3.3V and is connected to the RS-485 to USB adapter correctly, is there some other reason that Base Station would be unable to connect to the controller?

the RS485 module is a RS485 to uart converter. The relay board works over UART.
The baudrate of the RS485 side is 9600 and the the baudrate of uart side ( RS485 uart) is 57600. but the baudrate of relay board is 115200.

You will need to change the baudrate of relay board. You can do that using base station but you will need a usb to uart converter. something like this one

once you update the relay board baudrate to 57600 the RS485 will start to communicate with the relay board.