Azure support & "Set Gain 1" in Wireless 4-20mA 4-Channel Input endNode

Hi. Here’s the case. Recently I purchased a Wireless 4-20mA 4-Channel Input endNode.

Follow the instructions here

Everything is good, unlike my previous trial in link

I am using the same sensor which has been tested okay with 2 Channel Industrial IoT Long Range Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver link

Wireless section is okay as well.

  1. I am interested to know what would happen/is the purpose if the ‘Set Gain to 1 (4-40mA)’ is checked?

  2. Is it possible to add support to Azure gateway so Device Twin could show the data as well?
    From the map, I can’t find PR53-6 and PR53-7 at all.
    If I do need the Azure back up, does it mean I could only use 2 channel wireless current receiver?

  3. If I want to further try to use nodeLynk to add Relay Controllers, Sensors etc.? Is there any easy tool like Alpha Station to view the data or I can ONLY send hex command and parse the hex return to know the readings with reference of API Calculator?

  4. Is there any material good for python user to take reference (class, function etc to open port, send and receive commands)?


I will allow @Anil_Bhaskar to address question 1.

  1. It is not reflected in the Sensor Map but sensor type 52(2 channel 4-20mA receiver) is already supported in the Azure Gateway.

  2. NodeLynk is essentially I2C interface devices. Our Alpha Station software can be used to diagnose and learn to use those devices. It is available here.

  3. We have some Python resources available. You are working with many different devices it sounds like. Which devices are you attempting to interface with through Python? Most of our support development has been based around NodeJS and Node-Red so we have better resources for that.


  1. I knew sensor type 52 is already supported in Azure Gateway. Any planning will PR53-6 and PR53-7 also be supported in near future? It sounds like currently PR53-6 and PR53-7 are focusing on local network and you need a PC to monitor it and if you need the data be uploaded, you need to do it separately via coding (or I might have missed some other easy ways then please advise). Or maybe there is a case I need the data from I2C sensor and from 4-20mA sensor so PR53-6 and PR53-7 fit in perfectly and all data goes online easily.

  2. May I have the link to take a look at that? I know just a bit on NodeJS and NodeRed.

Hi Keanu,

  1. We do not plan to add support for any end node products in the Micro Gateway devices such as the Azure Gateway. EndNode devices are query based devices where data must be requested from the device. This is very different from other sensors in the Enterprise line of products which the gateways were developed to work with.

  2. Source code for our ncd-red-wireless Node-Red library can be found here:
    GitHub - ncd-io/ncd-red-wireless-2

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the io is 5V tolerant