Azure Micro Gateway - can not connect sensors

Hello, I bought Micro Gateway (MG) for Microsoft Azure and couple of sensors (Environmental, Vibration/Temperature, Wireless Asset Monitor). I correctly set-up MG for conect to Azure IoT Hub, but I CAN NOT connect any sensor to MG!

I tried many procedures (what described here), but without succes.
I have MG in “listening” mode (led is slow blue flashing), on notebook I’m connected to WiFi_Micro_Gateway network, I have open NCD Gateway Config page, but on “Devices” page I can not see any sensor.
I’m tried remove batteries from sensors and return it back … press RST button for 2, 6, 20 sec … without succes.

And … YES … antennas has been already mounted on MG and sensors … :slight_smile:

This problem appeared for all 3 sensors.

Can you help me please?

Have you turned the sensors on? You must either flip the black switch inside the sensor on or if there is a jumper instead of a switch move the jumper.

OMG … I am ashamed. There are black switches in my sensors and I dont saw it … :-/

Thank you!

No worries. It happens all the time. We need to include something in the shipment that tells the user they need to turn it on. We’re still working that out.