Azure IoT Hub LoRa gateway

i’d like to buy an Azure gateway.

pls tell me the right model no. and price.

Can I connect the sensor node designed by myself to NCD gateway?

the Azure gateway can be found here

The ncd gateway wont work with your own sensors. it only works with ncd sensors.

can i connect the sensors made by myself to your wifi gateway?

no it wont work with you sensor

An alternative to the Azure Gateway would be our IoT Edge Computer. It runs Node-Red and can handle transmissions from “unknown” devices. However that said we could not provide in depth technical support in using devices we do not manufacture with the Gateway. I can only tell you that the ncd-red-wireless library Gateway Node has the option to output data from “unknown” devices. These devices would also need to utilize the Digi Mesh wireless protocol and have a module of the same frequency and settings as the module in the IoT Edge Computer.