Azure IOT Gateway and PR52-3B

Hi all!

I am trying to connect a PR52-3B counter to an Azure IOT Micro Gateway. I have the Gateway all setup and configured - I can see it in Device Twin in Azure Portal and I can see the status change from connected to disconnected (and vice versa) when I turn the Gateway off or on. As best I can tell, that side of the fence is all in working order.

However I am not getting the PR52-3B to show up as a Node in the Device Twin, nor am I able to see it under the Devices tab if I enter the config page for the Gateway. This PR52-3B is brand new out of the box. I’ve switched the switch to Battery mode and can confirm that 3V is running through the chip. We’ve done no config changes on the PR52-3B yet, simply looking for the 10 minute heartbeat to show up before we start changing settings. We’ve tried the usual/obvious power cycling, as well as resetting the entire chip as those were suggestions to similar threads on this Community site however those have been to no avail.

I’m hoping that someone will have some ideas or thoughts on how to further troubleshoot. Any ideas to narrow down if it is a problem with the PR52-3B sending data, or if it is a problem with the Gateway receiving data?


Have you tried triggering the input multiple times? This is a counter device and will only transmit telemetry after the input has been triggered a given number of times. I do not remember for sure the count threshold that is default but I’d expect it’s around 10 or so. So if you trigger the input closed/opened 10 times it should transmit a count and will then be displayed in the Device Twin.

Perhaps @bhaskar can confirm the default count threshold of the 1 channel counter which triggers a transmission.

the device sends data in two cases –

  1. every time the counter reaches 50
  2. after every 10 min


Hi Travis and Anil,

Thank you both for your replies. I apologize for the delay in my own response, I’ve been OOO for awhile.

Anyways as per your questions, I have triggered the counter a couple hundred times as to hit the 50 count threshold multiple times. I also have simply left the device on for 30 or so minutes straight to see if it sent anything. Unfortunately neither seem to cause the device to show up in in the Devices tab of the micro-gateway if I get into the config page, nor does it show up in the IOT Hub Device Twin in Azure (obviously).

Sans getting a new Azure micro gateway, are there any other troubleshooting tasks I could do on either the gateway or the counter to check which of the two devices may be having the issue? I do have another Counter device that I’ve tried and it seems to be having a similar problem so I’m inclined to think that the Azure-connected device is the culprit but I’m running short on ways to verify that. The Azure device DOES show that it is connected to the IoT hub but I’m curious if there’s a way to check the radio receiver part of that device or not.