Azure Gateway - WiFi Micro Gateway intermittent transmission to Azure Iot Hub

Hi all,

I bought the Azure Gateway - WiFi Micro Gateway with the Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor.
After setting up my device, the Azure Gateway and the sensors are about 3 meters from each other.
I set my sensor to send every 5 seconds, but I got intermittent transmission to Azure Iot Hub.
I only receive datas when the light is green for a maximum 60-120 seconds!

On my Azure Gateway, the LED status on the gateway is green and turn off after 60-120 seconds replaced by a white/no light light for about 20-60 seconds
and a red light for 20-60 seconds and white again for 5-10 seconds and back to green light and the pattern restart!
Sometime it loop between red and white light 3-4 times before going back to green for a maximum 60-120 seconds!

This is the current situation with my setup, it’s a little bit annoying that the Azure Gateway seems to turn on/off and not receive any data!

My wifi seems OK, I can use the Wifi with my computer when the Azure Gateway is not green.
Did I miss a configuration?


Hi Chuck,

That is very strange. I have not heard of this before. There are a couple of things I would check.

  1. Make sure you are using a 12VDC power supply we provided to power the Gateway Device.

  2. Move the Gateway near the WiFi router. This almost sounds like a bad WiFi Connection. I know you say your computer seems to work fine but move the gateway to about 10 ft away from the WiFi Access Point just for diagnostic purposes.

  3. Make sure the Sensor is not too close to the Gateway. If you have the antennas installed on both the gateway and the sensor then you need to make sure they’re at least 10 ft apart as the signal can over saturate if they are to close.

Let me know what you find.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

I tried 2 differents 12VDC power supply and same result.
I moved the gateway around the Wifi access from 1 feet to 30 feets and everytime the longuest duration (1:30-2:30 minutes) is after I plug back the power supply. After that I got this mix of pattern:
-43 seconds (turn off 5-15 sec)
-56 seconds (turn off 15 sec)
Red light (30 sec) (turn off 15 sec)
It could be a mix of the pattern above in repeat mode.
The sensor is at least 30 feets apart from the gateway.

See attachment the log with the “best” result at 2 feets from the router. I set tup my sensors to send every 5 seconds to the gateway. You can see sometime time gap between 1 minutes to 3 minutes.
Eventhubdata.txt (77.0 KB)

Hi Chuck,

Reading your posts it sounds like you are getting data on Azure once in a while from the sensors? Can you confirm that?

What sensors specifically are you using with the Azure Gateway?

How long ago were the Azure Gateway and sensors purchased?

Would it be possible for you to send me a private message with your connection string for Azure? This would allow me to replicate your setup here in my office with the same sensors and have them report to your Azure IoT Hub. If I can replicate the issue here then I can fix it.

Thank you Chuck,
Travis Elliott

I sent you all the infos in private message!