Azure Gateway connection problems

I have connected 7 Azure gateways with no problems.
On the 8th I am able get connection for a few seconds. After that connectionState changes to Disconnected and the led light blinks red.

Have reset the device a few times on the reset-button.
Any other suggestions?

You could attempt a factory reset. To do that put the Gateway into configuration mode(Flashing Blue LED), then press and hold the CFG button until the LED stops flashing Blue(Goes solid Blue or turns off), then release the button. The Gateway will reboot into configuration mode and you can enter settings again.

Did unfortunately not work.


We will be happy to take a look at the Gateway if you would like to return it for repair. You can fill out an RMA here:


Is it this form you mean?

You will need to sign into the site, then scroll down to the bottom where you will find a black footer area. There you will find a Product Returns link.