API and communication protocol for POT8PROXR

I am working on some scientific applications for a POT8PROXR that I am controlling over USB → RS232 (using an adaptor). I noticed that there was an API and some message examples for PROXR Relay devices, but I was having trouble locating them for potentiometer devices. Could someone please direct me to the appropriate documentation? Thanks.

I’ve read that, but there seems to be some other commands in some old code written by a coworker that aren’t in that document, for example “set reporting mode on” sent by 0xFE1B (hope i got the byte order right, don’t know endianness of these commands). Is there some document with a full list of commands?

This controller has 2 command sets: 1) Potentiometers 2) Relays and Device Settings. The second set of commands is documented here:

Reporting Mode is not supported by ProXR Enhanced controllers, this was a very old command before Potentiometers were introduced and may be used to talk to a separate relay controller.
Hope this helps.

Here’s a link to older controller documents that support reporting mode:

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!