AnyI2C board usage linux

I am using anyi2c adaptor , providing tool to contol I2C devices over I2C

it arrives with Windows software to support that

I would like to write some Linux based tool to enable opening port to device , read \ write I2C commands

where can I find how to open the port, what is the (post\get) format to send over eth to control I2C commands and what is reply format

thank you


I would recommend starting with this document: AnyI2C I2C Communications Quick Start Guide -

It will outline the basics of the API to communicate with I2C devices over serial.

As far as opening communications it will depend on the language you’re using, but almost every language has a serial port library you can use to open the port, send, and read data. You’ll just need to open the serial port using a baud rate of 115200