Analog Inputs KFX

on the keyfob relay board R45PL_KEYFOB can you program the analog inputs also with the KFX software ?

It is possible to program the board so the A/D inputs can also control the on board relays. It’s covered in the ProXR guide here under the section Controlling Relays from Inputs:

However in order to do this you need to connect the R45PL to your computer in some way. The simplest is to use this USB adapter which plugs into the relay controller in place of the KFX module:

If you have any questions on this please let us know.
Thank you,
Travis Elliott

could you use the inputs as an interlock say if relay 1 is on and input 1 closed it would turn off realy 1 ?
and relay 1 cannot come back on until input 1 is open
same for input 2

any word on this travis ??

That’s really outside the bounds of ProXR’s capabilities. For that you would need to move over to something like a Fusion series controller with Key Fob Interface. It could be programmed for that functionality.

is the fusion on the website

Yes, you can take a look at the full fusion line here:

i found it with 4 relay then you would add keyfod board then buy keyfobs that gets real expensive bummer