AMS5915-1000-A calibration

Hi, I recently purchased an AMS 5915-1000-A for a project. When I go to test the sensor with the given AMS5915_1000_A example sketch for arduino, I get a baseline pressure of around 843 mbar without applying any pressure. The range I need (i.e. 0 - 65mbar) is a quite a bit smaller than the overall range of the sensor, but I was informed that it would be accurate enough for this regardless. Is there some way I can calibrate the sensor to 0 mbar when no pressure is applied?


the pressure its readings is atmospheric pressure. You will need to apply a 0mbar pressure source to read the pressure.


Iā€™m from India & currently studying in Second Year of Mechanical Engineering.
My question is, how do I measure the Hydrostatic Pressure with this Sensor (AMS5812)?
Can it just be done by dipping an hose into the water? And how the water will travel through the pipe & reach the sensor port?

Reply awaited.
Thank you.

You will need a pipe.


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