AMS5812 Programmable Address


I have the AMS5812 with the default address of 0x78. Now on the Arduino I can see it and it works greats! On the raspberry pi the system can’t see it since its address is outside of the bus range of 0x03-0x77. Now the documentation on the product says you can set the address but doesn’t actually show you how to do this. Any help is much appreciated.

The I2C is factory configurable, which just means if you order the sensor itself, they will program it with a different address during manufacturing.

I’m honestly not sure why the Pi won’t scan devices over 0x78, but I just plugged one in to a Pi 3b and used our ncd-red-ams5812 Node-RED library to confirm that you can actually still talk to the device, it just doesn’t show up in the scan.

Hmmm thats interesting. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere in the pi to adjust the range or maybe its just a limitation of i2cdetect?