Alpha Station - Communication error

I am getting communication error in Alpha station when using the Wireless to Ethernet Modem and Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor Transmitter. Wireless to Ethernet Modem is connected to router with static IP address and DHCP is Off, refer below modem configuration.

Refer below error screen

factory reset the Ethernet module.
it does not support modbus RTU that option should be unchecked

Let me know which Modbus it supports.

I have EWON gate way in place to receive data from Ethernet modem and push to Azure cloud, please let me know the possibilities to connect Ethernet modem to EWON gate way.

it does NOT support modbus. The ethernet modem simply converts the data into TCP/IP packet. if your gateway allows you can simply open the port and read the packets.

After modem factory reset also getting the same error “Unable to communicate with modem”

make sure connection socket is not open by any other application.

use alpha station latest version to factory reset the radio module

if factory reset doesn’t go through change the ethernet baud rate to 9600.



I was getting the same error and had followed all the steps you suggested. I am still not able to connect to my modem. I was able to connect before but now I am not and noticed a red LED turned on. See the picture below:



The led indicates that its connected to TCP/IP port.
Keep in mind only one program can access at one time. so if its used by any other program it worked ith alpha station or labview utility.

I only have alpha station on and I am still unable to connect to the modem. I was able to change the modem’s configuration via the NCD5500_App and see those changes (Set it to a static IP and saw the results when looking at the UDP port 13000).

what error do you get when you use it with alpha station ?

This is what I get:

@ryan1 we have see this error in past as well. do you know any work around this.

does the led go off when you close alpha station if not the modem is being accessed by some other app.
can you post screenshot of your Ethernet modem settings ( basic as well as advanced) ?

Correct the LED does go off when I close Alpha Station.

As for my modem settings here they are:



My best guess here is that the Ethernet module is functioning properly and Base Station is able to establish a TCP socket connection to it. All of the settings you have outlined for the Ethernet module appear correct.

I would say there is an issue communicating with the XBee module installed in the modem and that is what is throwing the error. You can try resetting the XBee module to factory settings by clicking Communications Recovery in Alpha Station:

Let us know what you find on that.

Be sure to use the “Recover Modem Default Settings”, if this does not work, you will need to go into the NCD5500 software and change the baud rate from 115200 to 9600 baud, then try the “Recover Modem Default Settings”. Once you have recovered settings, you must go back into the NCD5500 software and return the baud rate from 9600 Baud to 115200 Baud. Hope this helps.

I am still getting an error after attempting this fixes:

This is how I changed the baud rate to 9600 like it was suggested:


After running the “Recover Modem Default Settings” I changed it back to 115200 baud with no fix to the error.

Did you try running the recovery WITHOUT changing the baud rate by any chance?

Yes I did and it was a similar result.

Ok, it sounds to me like the long range wireless module needs to be pulled for evaluation. Do you happen to have a USB to Wireless modem?