Alpha Station - Communication error

I am getting communication error in Alpha station when using the Wireless to Ethernet Modem and Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor Transmitter. Wireless to Ethernet Modem is connected to router with static IP address and DHCP is Off, refer below modem configuration.

Refer below error screen

factory reset the Ethernet module.
it does not support modbus RTU that option should be unchecked

Let me know which Modbus it supports.

I have EWON gate way in place to receive data from Ethernet modem and push to Azure cloud, please let me know the possibilities to connect Ethernet modem to EWON gate way.

it does NOT support modbus. The ethernet modem simply converts the data into TCP/IP packet. if your gateway allows you can simply open the port and read the packets.

After modem factory reset also getting the same error “Unable to communicate with modem”

make sure connection socket is not open by any other application.

use alpha station latest version to factory reset the radio module

if factory reset doesn’t go through change the ethernet baud rate to 9600.