ADS7828 8IN DC current sensor strange value

I have an 8 channel I2C DC current sensor connected to an ethernet to I2C, NCD5500. The connection with AnyI2C software is functional and seems to be right. Is it normal that without any load connected, the value is far than 2046 (2.5V in 12 bits)? I expect that all channels show around the same value…
I try to change the supply of the card and no change in this strange value.
I try to install a sinking resistor in the inputs to avoid noise in input no change.
Could someone help me to fix it? Can we calibrate it?
Is thathe I2C to ethernet conversion corrupt value?

I tried with a load of 0.075A DC connected on each channel and no value changed.
It seems that the hall effect current sensor output is non-fucnctionnal or the reading of ADS7828 is bad.
The values oscillated in ANYI2C but no change with load.
In addition, the values are not in the middle range of 4096 (2048) as I expected.

can you read the part number written on the hall effect sensor and share that

I read: ACS7121 , ELC-058 , 19314

can you read channel 1 when

  1. 0.5Amo current is flowing
  2. 1Amp is flowing
    I wont recommend anyi2c for this test. send raw commands.

Is my firmware for the NCD5500 could be a problem?
I have V2.2, Where could I find the latest firmware, please?

How can I get raw commands from I2C if I use the NCD5500 without AnyI2C?
With alpha station I received &H48 in bus scan but how can I get raw value for ADS7828?

the api structure can be found here

the ADC reg location can be found here

you can also view the complete api using anyi2c and use that as a starting point

Hi, I finally fix my problem.
I measured voltage directly on the ACS721 supply on board.
I found that the supply is too low, I changed my power supply.
Now, I get results more significant (between 2047 and 2076).

Unfortunately, the values read with AnyI2C are very unstable and could not be more precise than 100mA.
I need, about 20mA for my application.
I will try some tricks, to get better precision.

Thank you for your help!