ADS1115 IC2 Arduino Troubleshooting

Hello. I recently purchase a ADS1115 I2C module from you and I was able to program the uno with the provided code and it compiled and upload fine. Next I connected the 4-20mA leads to my calibrator and it told me that the loop was open. Upon further inspection with my trusty multi-meter the two leads in fact do not connect. I am confident the leads are secured and connected to the board. As there weren’t full diagrams and schematics online I couldn’t tell if this is supposed to be like this. Other then my calibration unit I was not able to get any other readings from the ADS1115 board. Is there anything else I could try? Thank you!

try swapping the 4-20mA wires.


Thank you. It did end up working. Why I couldn’t tell you. I am not an electronics guy but hey working is working. Thank you again!