Adding to an MRIC15 wireless pair

We have an MIRCR15 relay mirror pair with an optional extra receiver. It is possible to add another
optional receiver to this setup, so that we would have one transmitter, and 3 receivers?


I have created a cart for you here:

During check out watch for the Order Notes field, write in there “Please replace R1xPL with MirCR1x as this will be added as an additional receiver to an existing MirC set with multiple receivers. Do not set destination address in XBee module.”

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Please add a power supply, antenna, and enclosure for this in the cart as well.

Thanks Travis!


Please add an enclosure for the receiver to the cart.


Power supply and antenna are already in the cart. Here is an updated cart including the enclosure:

Travis -

I received the supplies to add a receiver to my existing MIRCR15 relay mirror pair with an optional extra receiver, and the new one does NOT work. The “ready” light comes on when it is powered up, but the “busy” light does not comes on. The other two receivers are working correctly yet.

Please advise.


Does the Busy/Ready LED on the new board flash back and forth? Have you tried powering it up within 10 ft or so of the transmitter?

No - ready light comes on. No busy light. The ready light is solid, no blinking.
Tried powering it up within 10ft of transmitter - no change.

Is there anything here I can check, or do I need to send this back as defective?


I went out and looked at one of the working receivers, and it is an XBee PRO S3b just like the new one.

So you had mentioned that our next step is either sending the whole works back to you for reconfiguration or buying a complete new set with 1 transmitters and 3 receivers.

Would it be possible to have you send us another board and XBee that we know for certain is correctly configured and try that first?


The other thing I was wondering about as far as troubleshooting - could we pull the XBee out of one of the existing receivers and put it in the new one as a test, or would that have the possibility of rendering our current working XBee inoperative as well?

Hi Keith,

It is non conventional to provide an additional MirC receiver to an existing multiple receiver setup. I had hoped we could get an additional receiver sent out to you and it would work but it appears something on the existing set does not match configuration in the new receiver.

The only solution is going to be to send the full set back for update so we can make sure everything works.