ADC121C021 issue while reading

hello team,
I’m trying to read the value from ADC121C021 but I am not able to get ack while writing the ADC buffer my code is here please let me know what is wrong with it

esp_err_t i2c_master_init(void){
	xI2CBusy = xSemaphoreCreateMutex();
	if(xI2CBusy == NULL)
		ESP_LOGE(TAG, "Error in Creating Mutex: xI2CBusy");
	int i2c_master_port = I2C_PORT_NO;
	i2c_config_t conf;
	conf.mode = I2C_MODE_MASTER;
	conf.sda_io_num = I2C_SDA_IO;
	conf.sda_pullup_en = GPIO_PULLUP_ENABLE;
	conf.scl_io_num = I2C_SCL_IO;
	conf.scl_pullup_en = GPIO_PULLUP_ENABLE;
	conf.master.clk_speed = I2C_FREQ;
	conf.clk_flags = 0;
	i2c_param_config(i2c_master_port, &conf);
	return i2c_driver_install(i2c_master_port, conf.mode,0, 0, 0);

 esp_err_t read_ADS(i2c_port_t i2c_num, uint8_t *data_h, uint8_t *data_l){
  int ret;
  i2c_cmd_handle_t cmd = i2c_cmd_link_create();
  i2c_master_write_byte(cmd, 0x50 | 0x00, 0x01); 	// Slave Write Add
  i2c_master_write_byte(cmd, 0x02, 0x01);			// Configuration Reg
  i2c_master_write_byte(cmd, 0x20, 0x01);			// Config Value

  i2c_master_write_byte(cmd, 0x50 | 0x01 , 0x01); 	// Slave Read Add
  i2c_master_write_byte(cmd, 0x00, 0x01);			// READ_BUFFER
  i2c_master_read_byte(cmd, data_h, 0x00);
  i2c_master_read_byte(cmd, data_l, 0x01);
  ret = i2c_master_cmd_begin(i2c_num, cmd, 1000 / portTICK_RATE_MS);

  	if (ret == ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT) {
	    printf( "I2C Timeout  2\n");        
	} else if (ret == ESP_OK) {
		printf( "I2C Doing Good  2\n");
	}else if (ret != ESP_OK) {
		printf( "I2C not Working  2\n");
  return ret;

by that code I’m getting only “I2C not working 2” … So help me out

What is your master device?

I’m working with ESP32 device in VS-Code, I setup the ESP-IDF v4.3

I will recommend running an I2C scan first.

I did and I get
i2c scan:
Found device at: 0x20
Found device at: 0x50
Found device at: 0x57
Found device at: 0x6f

As datasheet saying I’m working with 0x50

@Anil_Bhaskar … any update on that ??

i2c is seeing the slave device, so no issue with the hardware.
I do not have any exp working with VS, unfortunately.