ADC121C-ASC714 1 Channel DC Current Sensor Full Documentation

Hello, the link to the adc121c021 PDF is broken:
I am looking for a complete I2C instruction set for this device as I am using the USB to I2C converter and will need to write a wrapper for all commands. The samples and anyi2c only read current. Base Station doesn’t seem to work with the USB to I2C device. Please let me know if there is a general link where I could get to the documentation for all your products as I have a few more of these devices that I am evaluating.


Here is the data sheet for that ADC IC:

The data sheet will cover the I2C interface command set used to interact with it.

This guide covers the instruction set for interacting with I2C devices using the USB to I2C adapter:

This is really the only information you would require to interface with that device through that adapter. If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

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