ADC to I2C for 10 channels or more

Hello ! , would you mind if you could help me to know which one ADC to I2C device model compatible with Particle Boron use for measuring at least 10/11 analog readings for 5 analog sensors(CO, SO2, NO2, O3, etc).

It will be for a particle Boron, for these kit:

These are the sensors look like:

Because the main problem is the Particle Boron only have 6 analog inputs.

Thanks in advance!

I will recommend the following products

  1. I2C shield

  2. 16 channel ADC


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-Has the second one a library for using with Particle Boron? (I did not see it)

-Could be only the second one utilized with this module:

Thanks @Bhaskar

the arduino lib cab be found here

it can be easily ported to boron.

The shield makes it easy to connect to i2c devices.


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Thanks @Bhaskar,
1.- Could be utilized the 16 Chanel ADC on this kit where th Particle Boron will be installed:

or do I need the I2C Shield?

2.- Where could I learn how to port the library to Particle Boron?

Thanks in advance!

if you are using the IoT node device than I2C shield is not needed.

Particle and Arduino lib are quite similar. The board has ADS7828 ADC and there might already particle lib for this

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Thanks a lot! We will do that!

@Bhaskar the IoT node supply +3.3VCD for I2C line, and the ADS7828 ADC 16 channel module requires +5VCD. Any suggestions?

while placing the order mention this " build with 3.3V I2C logic"

keep in mind this will also reduce the ADC input voltage range from 5V to 3.3V.

or this board as power supply option. you can power it using 3.3v over the I2C port.
set the power jumper to bus and you can use the board with 3.3v without any modification.

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