AD5252 potentiometer Arduino UNO wire library hangs up

Just purchased NCD AD5252 module but using with code posted on github hangs (only) if module is connected. Connection is via the NCD i2c shield for Arduino Uno. Pull up jumpers are in place to pull up SDL and SDA.
There is no other hardware or code involved. With a digital VOM on resistance scale, no power or other connection to NCD AD5252 module, the SDA pin reads only around 180 ohms. The SCL pin reads very high as expected. Does this represent a hardware problem with the NCD AD5252 module?
Harry Oder

Does is come up with an address on i2c scan?


// Version 6, November 27, 2015.
// Added waiting for the Leonardo serial communication.

The scanner reports No I2C devices found with the NCD AD5252 disconnected.
With the NCD module connected, the scanner hangs after displaying
I2C Scanner
Scanning …
No further serial communication appears on Serial Monitor.
Pressing reset button on Uno, causes the same message
to appear one more time.
The power LED on the NCD AD5252 module is lit.

is there a way you could connect the arduino i2c and power to the AD5252 without using the i2c shield.
this will give us an idea which part is causing the problem.


Yes, as you requested, I have made direct connections without using the i2c shield. The wire library hang-up problem still occurs as previously described without using the i2c shield. If I leave (only) the SDA line disconnected, I2C Scanner does not hang up, instead displaying
No I2C devices found
over and over.
Thanks for all your help.

Please contact for a repair/replacement of AD5254 module.

Thanks NCD for the great service. I was shipped a replacement AD5254 Module very promptly. Just got around to connecting and testing the replacement module today, works perfectly! Only cost to me was return postage for the defective unit.

Glad its working.
its been really cold lately. due to low humidity static current is all around. Static current and electronics dont get along very well.