AD5252 Digital Pots and AnyI2C

I just purchased AD5252 digital pots and the 12c <-> USC converter.

I try to connect to it via NCD Base and it says it cant find it.

If I use AnyI2C, it appears to connect to the com port (com 1) but I get write failures trying to communicate with the AD5252’s.

I am in windows 7.

I have 3 AD5252’s and I have given each a unique address.

Any help communicating with the device would be great!

Does the board show up when run the i2c scan?
Make sure you are using the correct i2c address in the UI.


I do Open the connection withthe default settings and it says connection opened.

When I do the Scan I2C Devices button, it comes back with nothing.

How do I know what the address is?

That all being said, I think i might have an issue with the virtual com ports… I see the Serial Converter, but I dont see any com ports created for this.

this might be related to ftdi driver in that case.
does the com port shows up in the device manager ?

I tried to update the driver and it said it was up to date, I downloaded the latest from ftdichip dot com.

I see only com 1 only which is there regardless if i have the hardware plugged in or not. I dont see any other com ports present in device manager.

this guide might help in troubleshooting

Yea, I saw that yesterday. It doesnt help.

I am on win 7…

do you happen to have any other PC you can use for testing?

I just tried it on another PC I just happened to have at my desk that is non-corporate… and it worked… guess corporate policy wins again grrr…