Abnormally low pressure readings with environmental sensor


I’m using a new PR49-24L environmental sensor and generally it’s working well, but the pressure readings are abnormally low. I have it outside near my weather station, reporting values to MQTT via a gateway. The MQTT messages show a “pressure” value of “898” (hPa according to the docs) / 26.51inHg. When I started the sensor up 12+ hours ago, it was reporting 896.

898 / 26.51inHg is way low - my weather station currently reports 30.40, much more reasonable.

Is there something I need to do to calibrate the pressure sensor on the unit?

the sensor element used in this product is BME680 and it does not allow any user calibration.

The sensor error rate is around ± 0.25 % (equiv. to 1 m at 400 m height change).


Thanks for the part number. According to the Bosch application notes for the BME680, these readings are outside the “plausible value” range of 900-1100.

Seems like I have a bad sensor?

Hi Adam,
Yes, its possible.,

You can send it for an RMA.

ps - BME680 is on backorder and if we need to replace the sensor it will take around 6-8 weeks.