900HP-S3B Long Range Wireless Mesh Modem power consumption


I’d like to use a “900HP-S3B Long Range Wireless Mesh Modem with USB Interface” by powering it with a 5V battery pack of the kind we use to charge our phones.

Like this :
Grepro 2 Pack Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bank with USB C, Type-C, Micro Inputs, Dual 2.4A USB Outputs, Powerful External Battery Pack for Smartphones, Tablets & More : Amazon.ca: Electronics

To do this, I would need to know the modem’s power consumption.


When the modem is in receiving mode, it will consume around 50mA, and when it is transmitting or rebroadcasting the data, it will consume around 100mA

So, just to be sure, a 10000 mAh battery could theoretically power the modem for around 100h?

That’s how you calculate battery life, isn’t it?


yes that is correct …

Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile: