8-Relays + 8-ADC ProXR Lite Screw Terminal Connectors

We have a R810PL(R8xPL / PR60-1 Rev. G2A)+NCD5500.

What are the manufacturer and part number for the standard Screw Terminal Connectors for both the relays and ADCs?

Thank you.

Our connectors are custom made for NCD in black by Degson as part of a large contractual purchase; however, Phoenix Contact manufactures equivalent connectors in size, shape, and electrical specifications if you are looking to purchase small quantities. I do not have Phoenix equivalent part numbers.

Thank you. We were hoping to get a STEP model so that we can model the terminal blocks in the device we are building around this relay board. Do you have STEP models for these terminal blocks?

We do not have STEP models available for any of our components or products.