8-Relays + 8-ADC ProXR Lite [New-Black-Board] (R810PL) missing mounting holes for ENC-SR171B

We ordered the ENC-SR171B enclosure for the 8-Relays + 8-ADC ProXR Lite as we have done in the past and found out the new-black-colored relay-board no longer has mounting holes for the enclosure.

The ENC-SR171B has 8 holes (marked in red rectangles in the attached) for mounting the R810PL relay board. The green-board has these same holes, the new-black-board is missing these holes.
The new R810PL can no longer be mounted in the ENC-SR171B. This is disappointing.

What other changes are there between these boards? It would be a good idea to list the changes on the web-site (including the lack of temperature sensor).

We are working on updates to the site but we are working with limited staff, so everything is taking longer than usual. I have been trying to track down the conversion error for the mounting holes most of the afternoon, this will be fixed in the next revision. I can assure you, the mounting hole issue is unintentional as is being addressed, we will have updated boards available as soon as possible. The removal of the temperature sensor has been addressed in another topic. All firmware is 100% identical.