8-Channel High-Power Relay Controller Shield with IoT Interface - store.ncd.io

I am using the ESP32 board : https://store.ncd.io/product/esp32-iot-wifi-ble-module-with-integrated-usb/
To connect to this shield, Do I need to power the shield separately or does it get power from the esp32.

  1. If i use the MCP library from adafruit on arduino will it interface with the mcp chip via sca scl on the board without changing the pins or do I need to remap the pins

  2. please can i have a full schematic of the shield.

You will need to supply 12VDC to the relay controller. It is required since the relay coils are 12VDC and cannot be powered from 5VDC supplied over the USB connection.

  1. Yes, the Adafruit library should work just fine, we connect the MCP23008 to the default SDA/SCL lines.

  2. Currently we do not supply schematics for the boards, however the setup is pretty simple, relay 1 connects to MCP23008 IO 1, relay 2 to IO 2, etc.