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What is the accuracy of the current measurement in this product?


The Maximum current is 5 amps(DC) and the resolution is 12 bit. So if you divid 5 by 4096 you get 0.001221001221001 which is the resolution in amps.

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Travis Elliott

Thanks for the confirmation. Please help to clarify the below query

  1. whether this module can be used @ 24V power line. Please confirm
  2. whether it is used @ 6A inrush current of 100ms for 4A measurement. please Confirm
  1. 12V
  2. Yes, rush current can be 6A.

In that case of Maximum input voltage of 12V. whether we able to operate at 24V input voltage?

Test Setup.pdf (196.1 KB)
Please refer the image for further understanding.

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Thangaprabu S

Yes this setup will work.
I thought you are talking about powering the board with 24V.


Thank for your confirmation. Please find the updated Test setupTest Setup.pdf (198.8 KB)
Updated the Current (4A) measurement detail & inrush current 6A for 100mS detail.
Please confirm the test setup

Yes this setup will work.

Thanks for the confirmation.