8 channel A to D converter

I am new to the single board PC world and I would like to start off on this project. I am looking to monitor a series of analogue 24v signals. If I purchase PR33-43 (8 channel 0-24v AtoD) and a PR33-17 (USB to I2C Converter) (+cables and pwr supply) is that enough hardware to allow me to sample the data through windows or do I need to have an additional interface?

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Hi Dan,
Yes, that will be all you will need to monitor 24V using a windows machine.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks, I have purchased the components and cant wait to test them. What is the longevity of the ATD board? In a continuous measuring condition in a properly cooled environment, months? years?

If instead of a windows based monitoring if I wanted to switch to raspberry pie 3B+ PR2-2 would be the easiest way to interface?

Lastly, if I want to purchase future material can I use my UPS account for the shipping charges?

Yes, it can measure input 24X7. It has a MCP3428 and a opamp. Both are microchip parts. The power supply is from TI. Reset of the part are passive components.
You can use this board with pi using this shield

Please contact orders@ncd.io regarding shipments.

Is there a difference between the pr2-2 and pr2-3 other than termination location if the I2C location?

there are some hardware changes in Pi3B+. For now PR2-2, PR2-3 will work with PI1,2,3 only not Pi3B+.

Temp range of the ADC board is -40’C to 80’C.

OK HWD has arrived looks great and was very well packed, using a Raspberry pi 3 + PR2-2 + I2C cable + PR33-43 (with external power supply)

What is the proper configuration for the pull up resistors to measure a 0-24v signal? I do not want to fry anything…

the i2c shield has pull ups so you dont need to instal the pull ups.
You will need to install the address jumpers ( for more info checkout wiring diagram in resources sections on the product page).
You can issue i2c detect command and it should come up with 2 address.

Let us know if you have any questions.