5V power supply to PyCom I2C shield


Have a 4-Channel I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver with I2C Interface (PR33-15) connected to a I2C Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy With USB Programming Port (PR34-7) with a PyCom chip in it. Normally the PyCom is powered with power from usb port on shield.

Is it possible to power shield with 5V from the 4-Channel board?

It can be done but we dont recommend it.

The on board power supply can deliver max 5V@1Amp. If pycom consumes more than that then it will drop the voltage and that can skew the analog readings


How do I connect it or enable this function? Do I connect it the normal way? Pycom is only used for transmitting data, so think power consumption is very low. Anyways we would like to do a test of it.

I2V out port on PR33-13 has 5V. it can be connected to 5V of pycom modules.