5Mhz Wi-Fi for ProXR

Are there any wi-fi options that will work with a ProXR lite board utilizing the 5MHz band rather than the 2.4 band?


Currently we do not have any devices that operate on the 5mhz band. We don’t get that application request all that much. Is this something you would need in volume? Unfortunately since the demand isn’t that high we just can’t invest resources into development but if we had sufficient demand we could certainly put something together. Devices such as ours use a minimal amount of data for operation and 5 ghz was really designed for high data usage over WiFi so embedded 5ghz wifi modules are not plentiful by any means.

Ok. This is for an irrigation solenoid and gatevalve in my orchard that is fairly close to one of my orchard access points. The entire orchard automation system is based around Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. 5Mhz antennas. Because of it’s proximity to the Access Point, I was hoping I could control the 2 devices with a ProXR Lite relay with a wi-fi antenna. That way I wouldn’t have to invest in another Ubiquiti antenna and hub and power systems. Oh well.
Thanks for the response.

I searched around for low hanging fruit(5 ghz wifi XBee module) but didn’t come up with anything so I don’t think there’s a simple off the shelf solution available.

Is there any way you could connect a simple 2.4ghz wifi access point to the existing WiFi AP you have? I think that would be the quickest, easiest, and cheapest solution.

You could look into a 5 ghz to ethernet adapter and use it with our ethernet module.

Ubiquiti may have something for this already.