50amp Current Monitor with Lantronix

Howdy guys!

Back in May I made the following purchase:

Right now I am querying it via Python via the Lantronix port. Is it possible to get up to the second information from this board? I am querying every 2 seconds but it seems that most of the values are not refreshed in those 2 seconds.

Am I doing something wrong in my code or is this current sensor board not able to keep up?

Many thanks!

Hi Ingo,
each channel takes around 500msec to refresh, so it will take around 3 sec to refresh all 6.
I will query after 4 sec or so.


Hi ya Bhaskar!

Do you have a product line of current meters where i can get a faster refresh rate?

I will see if we can update the firmware and make it go faster.


that would be totally awesome! Current for me is the primary sensor i need to mostly automate my plastics recycling line. The ideal would be every 1 second if thats possible :wink:

Hello Bhaskar :slight_smile:

I hope you had a great weekend! Did you have an opportunity to look into the firmware update?

Any insight would be appreciated,


i did some testing, i think we can increase the speed by a factor of two without hurting the accuracy.
Will that work for your application?


That would be fantastic!

we can do two things

  1. Send the old one back and we will update the firmware.
  2. Get a new one with new firmware.


Good Morning Bhaskar :slight_smile:

How long of a turn-a-round time could we expect if we send in the old one? Also, if we get a new one, do your current monitors that have an IoT Interface have a faster read time than the newly updated firmware is capable of ?

Many thanks

Hi Ingo,
We will be off for next two weeks. i think the turn around time will be around 3 weeks.
IoT one also has the same firmware. You can try the IoT one and if it doesn’t work you can return it :). We should be able to ship one by Friday.


Thanks Bhaskar!

I put the order through via the website. Order # 316220